Econ Led Industries  

Econ Led is a multinational manufacturer of LED lighting with facilities in South Africa and Australia. We currently supply a wide range of lighting to industrial, retail and private consumers globally. Our goal is to continue our growth into a global household brand

Who Are We?

Econ industries is a family owned company started in 2012 by the Tree Family.
We identified a need in the market for quality, sustainable, yet affordable led lighting. This was in response to the competition pricing led products excessively and way above the affordability of the average consumer. Also, shortages lead to long waiting periods and ultimately dissatisfied and un-interested customers.

Importing costs are volatile due to currency fluctuations and our aim is not to exploit and maximise profit at the expense of consumers.  We will strive to keep costs down, without hampering the quality and sustainability of our led products.
Our aim is to enable the individual and commercial consumer to really go green, to sustain the environment, to afford it, and last but not least, to save money on energy costs.

Importing these products is not our main focus, though it will serve to satisfy the increasing demand of the consumers and add value and variety to our product ranges.
After extensive research locally and abroad, we made the commitment and invested in the necessary machinery and equipment to, manufacture and assemble the products locally.

Currently, our machinery produces 1500 unit per day, but is not running at maximum capacity.
Our products also carries extensive warranties and we can repair out of warranty products at minimal cost to the customer.

Sourcing local manufacturers will remain a big focus for econ industries as it will assist us in reaching our goals and objectives which is to bring led lighting to every commercial and private consumer.